Tire Shredding

Recycling Tires The Right Way

Old tires and the large amount of solid waste they generate is becoming a major concern. Used tires have an negative impact on the environment. They damage the quality of our air, water and soil, but there is a way to dispose tires without hurting the environment and can generate a profit while doing it.

This blog will teach you how to tires impact the environment and different ways recycled tire can be used.

How Tire Waste Impact The Environment

Leaching: Old tires contain harmful metals and chemicals. As the tire gets older, these chemicals find their way into soil. This process is called leaching. Mutagenic, carcinogenic and other chemicals from tires contaminate the soil and the environment. There is also a risk of groundwater becoming contaminated. Anybody, including animals can be poisoned if they come into contact with these chemicals.

Landfill: The majority of landfills are already overcrowded and filled to capacity. Old, discarded tires take up most of the space and is becoming more of a problem for several states across the country. Some states have banned the disposal of all tires, whole or shredded for environmental and health reasons. Before you discard your old tires, check with your local waste management company to see if there are any recycling options near you.

Risk: You may not be aware, but old tires can be a major fire hazard. Recycled tire scraps can be repurposed for fuel generation. Fires caused by tires are more difficult to put out and chemicals from the burning tire can be harmful if inhaled.

Pests: Old recycled tires make good homes for pests and other rodents. If water accumulates in a tire over time, they become a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects who are responsible for carrying vector-borne diseases like encephalitis. Not only do tires possess harmful chemicals, they can become the home to rodents, pests and insects who might carry diseases. The best way to avoid this is to recycle tires.

How To Recycle Tires

Tire can be recycled and repurposed for many different reasons. Tire shredding disposes tires in an eco-friendly way. The tire chips and shreds and then repurposed and used in the following ways:

Recycled tires can be repurposed and used as mulch in gardens. The benefits of using tire chips is that it will stay in its place over time, it retains its appearance and you don’t have to deal with termites or other pests attracted to wood.

You can also substitute shredded tire pieces for gravel, drainage ditches, highway landscape and sub-layers for roadways. When you substitute tire chips for gravel in cold places, you can limit the frost and ice buildup on the roads. You can also reduce the noise and vibrations from passing trains if used under a light rail tracks near business and homes.

Tire shreds can also be used to line and cover landfills. It has the capability of being a thermal insulator and can reduce the temperatures between the primary and secondary landfill liners. If you are looking to save money, old shredded tires can also be used for landscaping and landfills. Crumb, ground rubber produced from old tires can be used as flooring for playgrounds, mats, mud guards for vehicles and rubberized asphalt.Recycling Tires

There is a high demand for fuels produced by tires and old tires can also be used in steel mills replacing coal, a source of carbon, during manufacturing. There are so many different ways a tire can be repurposed. There is no need to throw your old tires out. Find a way to recycle and repurpose it. Old tires are used as barriers to avoid collisions, control erosion and water runoff.

Because of all of its different uses, tire shredding businesses is the best way to get rid of your tires. Contact Sierra Waste Systems today to understand more about what materials can be recycled and what your options are. Shredding your tires will not only reduce the environmental impact, but you might be able to turn a profit.